Top 5 Scariest Hollywood Films of All Time

Horror is one of the most viewed and anticipated genres of film. Its ability to trigger so many different reactions from the human body is what keeps the industry in business. Horror excites, frightens, intrigues, and even humors many of the people that tune in to watch it. If you’re not one that’s terrified of blood or jump scares, you’ve probably seen at least one horror film in your lifetime. If you’re a scaredy cat, make sure you know where to put lavender essential oil for sleep to help you get some Zzz’s. You may have been scared, but here’s a list of 5 movies that rank as the scariest films ever created.


  1. The Exorcist

There are many memes, gifs, quotes, and other popular things that are the product of this classic horror film. Even if you’ve never seen it, it’s so popular and talked about that almost everyone knows the gist of the movie. It involves a young girl that happens to be possessed by a demonic spirit and proceeds to wreak havoc in her home. One of the scariest side effects of this ‘possession’ was her ability to twist and shift her body in ways that would be impossible for the average human being to do. She could also climb walls and rotate herself in ways that would make you want to run as far and as far as you possibly could. What makes this film the best of all time is that even after years and years of its production and release, it still has the ability to frighten even the bravest of us.


  1. It


The It novel is only one of the many famous works by renowned novelist, Stephen King. The story revolves around a young boy named Georgie that discovers an evil clown after he loses his boat to the gutter heavy rain. Pennywise, the clown that Georgie discovers, eats off a large portion of his arm and later causes him to go missing. As his brother and his friends look for him, they also have to face Pennywise in an effort to escape their own fears that. Due to its thrilling plot and disturbing imagery, It has rightfully earned its spot in not only American classics, but one of the scariest films you could ever sit down and watch.


  1. The Shining


Also a novel by Stephen King, the shining is one of the most viewed and discussed horror films of all time. Despite the film being a huge success, Stephen King wasn’t actually a fan of it. The movie is significantly different than the novel, lacking the novel’s emotional focus. In the film, the main character is also more threatening and becomes undesirable much sooner than in the book. Even though Stephen wasn’t a fan, this movie is still a work of art that continues to reign on the horror movie charts after decades of it coming to prominence.


  1. Silence of the Lambs


Released in 1991, this classic film involves a woman that works for the FBI. In this film, she looks to the cannibalistic serial killer known as Hannibal Lecter, to help her track down another serial killer. This serial killer, in particular, is one that targets chubby females and murders them by drowning and skinning them. If that isn’t nerve-wracking, who knows what is? This classic film has earned many accolades and has been reviewed and analyzed by millions of people all over the world. It is a movie that everyone should try and see at least once.


  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another classic horror film from the 70s. This wasn’t the bloodiest, goriest, or nastiest horror film ever, but it’s imagery and visual effects were enough to disgust and disturb the masses. The story involves a man that goes by the name Leatherface. Leatherface wears a mask made of human skin and participates in cannibalism with his family members. What’s even more disturbing about this film is that it is actually based off of an actual killer, Ed Gein, that once resided in Wisconsin. Both Leatherface and his family are sadistic people that definitely aren’t strangers to blood and gore. Just thinking about the scenes and visuals this movie provides is enough to scare plenty of anti-horror people away. However, it is frightening enough to be a perfect choice for horror fans.